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Things You Need to Make Your Own E-Liquid

Posted in Medicine

If you have problem choosing best e juice then you can make your e-liquid. To make your own e-liquid, you need four basic elements which make up the e-liquid, PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring. You do require advance knowledge to prepare e-liquid.

Here are some things that you need for preparing your own e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol

Also known as PG, propylene is colorless, tasteless, and odorless liquid. You will require a bottle of this for preparing e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping. For starter, 500ml or one liter of PG is required. Make sure that it adheres to pharmaceutical grade and does not contain any additive.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is also known as VG in short. This liquid is thicker than PG and has a sweet taste. This is going to add bulk to your ejuice especially if you are sub-ohm vaping. You should buy one liter of VG with the pharmaceutical grade to start with.


You should buy good quantity nicotine. The nicotine might degrade in quality if you expose it to air. The color might darken and develop of peppery taste. Hence, you need to make sure that the nicotine is clear. For beginners, a 72ml bottle of nicotine is enough.

Flavor Concentrates

The flavor concentrates determine what the e juice is going to taste like. There are numerous flavors to choose from and you can combine them for obtaining a unique flavor. One-shot flavor is enough for beginners to reduce to harmful effect of Pollution of Ganges River. 


For mixing weight, you will require a set of scales which will go up to 0.01mg. This is accurate enough for dealing with e-liquid that you prepare.

Storage Bottles

You have to store the PG and the VG in squeezy bottles having nozzles. This makes it easy to add to the mixture. A couple of 100ml bottles are enough.


When you mix in volume, you need to get a set of syringes. A get some 10ml syringes for PG and VG and a 1ml syringe for nicotine and flavors.

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